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Lakewood Preschool NOW ACCEPTING Applications for the 2023-2024 school year!



Classes are held four days a week, Monday thru Thursday, and all classes are held in half day sessions. Tuition assistance may be possible based on household income level. For registration information, visit


An early childhood education is an opportunity for young children to learn about their unique skills, abilities and interests. The purpose of the Lakewood Local School District’s preschool is to develop social skills, emotional control, attention/focus, motor fluidity, and language while enhancing curiosity, exploration, and creativity. These essential skills and attitudes are the foundation on which to build academic and personal growth and success.  

Our preschool primarily serves children with special needs between ages 3 to 5 years. The classrooms are taught by early childhood intervention specialists. Itinerant services are also part of the continuum of options to serve children with a disability. An early childhood intervention specialist and/or a therapist can provide interventions at a child care center, Head Start, or another site within the Lakewood Local School District boundary. There is no preschool tuition fee for children who have been identified with a disability.


Additionally, we have some spots available for children who are typically developing who are 4 years of age.


If you have concerns about the cost of preschool, please contact us to learn about scholarships available.


If you have any questions, you can reach us at 740-928-6633.


Click here to download the Preschool supply list for 2022-2023





Belinda Hohman

Director of Special Programs

Debra Bowman

Secretary/Central Registration

Marcella Brownlee

School Psychologist

Office: 740-928-5875 x 4512

If you are concerned about your young child’s development, contact our Director of Special Programs, Belinda Hohman to discuss your concerns and help determine if your child would need an evaluation.


School Day


AM hours: 8:30 to 11:45            PM hours: 12:20 to 3:35

Fridays are reserved for evaluations, conferences, staff training, and itinerant services.


Regular attendance is important for your child to fully experience preschool. If for some reason, your child will be absent, please call the preschool office (740-928- 1915) and leave a message for your child’s teacher before or within 30 minutes of the beginning of your child’s session. Six consecutive unexcused absences or sporadic attendance will result in a referral to the Director for possible dismissal from the program.  


Dropping Off

Be aware of the buses dropping off students and please do not park alongside the curb. Please use the parking lot located in front of Jackson B. Students can be walked up the hill and dropped off to a preschool staff member by the door or waiting in the hallway. When all children are assembled in the hallway they will enter the classroom. If you arrive after the preschool session has begun and the preschool door is closed, you will need to enter Jackson Intermediate B by the main office door. Please understand that we are required to maintain student to staff ratios at all times and cannot permit a staff member to leave the room after a session begins. You may have to wait a bit in the main office lobby with your child until we can assign staff coverage to receive your child. 


Picking Up 

Please park your car in the main parking lot. Once the transported children are on the bus, car riders will be dismissed individually to their guardian/parent from the preschool hallway. In the beginning, until we recognize parents/guardians, we will ask for a photo ID before releasing a child to an individual. The individual picking up and signing out the child may be asked for a valid photo ID. If an individual not listed on the form, comes to pick up your child, we will not release your child until we can verify permission and identity by contacting you. These procedures are for the safety of your child.


Visiting and Volunteering

All parents and/or guardians are encouraged to visit, volunteer and become involved in the preschool. Our volunteers are important and special. Volunteers are welcome in the classroom and at the Lakewood Local Preschool main office. Opportunities for volunteering include assisting on field trips, preparing items for the classroom, making phone calls to other parents and attending PTO Meetings. However, we ask that you pre-arrange a time with your child’s teacher to volunteer to maximize your volunteering time.

Preschool Transportation


Lakewood local School District may provide transportation to and from preschool, with the following limitations:

  1. The requested pick-up and drop-off sites are within the boundaries of the Lakewood Local School District.
  2. The requested pick-up and drop-off sites are within a reasonable distance from other preschool bus stops.
  3. Centralized "pick-up points" may be established where you and your child would meet the bus for transport to the preschool.
  4. Busing by Lakewood Local School District is a privilege and not a requirement (unless specifically written and justified in a child's IEP for "special transportation"). 

For full details on our policies and procedures, review the Lakewood Preschool Handbook


Lakewood Preschool Handbook 2022-23

Daily Routine


Open House:

Lakewood Preschool - 8/18, 5:00 - 6:45 p.m.


The Lakewood Preschool is primarily an early intervention program for children with a disability and who are between the ages of 3 and 6 years of age (if turning 6 after January 1 of the school year). When there are concerns about a young child’s development, we can conduct a free multi-factored evaluation of the child. The evaluation process includes observations and assessments conducted by a team comprised of three or more of the following: school psychologist, early childhood intervention specialist, therapists, and input from the parents/guardians.   

An evaluation team meeting is held with all the team members, including the parents/guardians, to review evaluation information and make a determination of whether an educational disability exists. Children with disabilities in our preschool program have a wide range of needs including communication, hearing, motor (fine and gross), vision, cognition, adaptive behavior (self-help skills), and/or social/emotional/behavioral functioning. If the child is identified as having a disability, then the Individual Education Plan (IEP) team, (which also includes the parents/guardians as integral team members) meets to develop goals, services, and decide where best the interventions can be provided. Children identified as having a disability do not pay preschool tuition. 

The continuum of options where Lakewood Local School District staff can deliver IEP services includes itinerantly-based (outside of the preschool classroom) and classroom-based services.  

  1. Itinerantly - In a licensed, community based child care or preschool (preschool paid by parent/guardian), within the boundaries of Lakewood Local School District.
  2. Itinerantly - Head Start program in Buckeye Lake.
  3. Itinerantly – Within a local library, community or private center, or child’s home.
  4. Within one of the two Lakewood Local School District’s preschool classrooms.
  5. In a therapy space within the Lakewood Local School District’s building (called Service Provider Location).


If you are concerned about your young child’s development, contact our Director of Special Programs, Belinda Hohman, to discuss your concerns and help determine if your child would need an evaluation. You can reach her at or call 740-928-5878.





Ohio WIC program and application.




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