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ICU Program


LMS: Committed to Practice by Completing Every Assignment! ~ LMS ICU Program

What is ICU?

  • ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, just like in a hospital. ICU is an academic support system for students as well as a communication tool for teachers and parents. The foundation of this system is built on the importance of all students completing all assignments. ICU utilizes a database list to track missing assignments. Assignments that need additional attention may also be added to the database list. The database alerts parents if their student is added to the ICU database list via text and email. The ICU database is secure and only accessible to LMS staff members, so parents can be confident that contact information remains only within the parameters of school staff, just as it is currently via ProgressBook. ICU is a system of support and practice, not a system that is punitive or related to school discipline.

How does ICU work?

  • Every LMS staff member will support every student in assignment completion. Each staff member has access to the ICU List and will engage students by asking:
    • “Who do you owe?” or “What’s on your ICU List?”
    • “What do you need (to complete assignments on the list)?”
    • “How can I help?”
  • Students with missing practice assignments or assignments that need additional practice/additional time spent will be placed on the ICU List.
  • Students will be given an opportunity to complete the assignment(s) on their own.
  • If the work remains unfinished or continues to need attention, additional arrangements will be made for students to complete the practice assignment(s), thereby ensuring that students have the time they need to complete a high quality product.  
  • Additional time to complete assignments may take place before school, during lunch, after school, etc.