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As you know, there are several testing times throughout the school year. We'll have the latest testing details here to keep you in the loop. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.


To support exams, we run a special schedule and have a few different procedures.

  1. If a student has an exam during the 1st exam period of the day, or they have to ride the bus to school, they follow our regular procedures.
  2. If a student is arriving later in the day for an exam, they enter the building through the southwest doors by the office and will be directed to the cafeteria.
  3. If a student has completed exams for the day, they can sign out and leave at the conclusion of their last exam period. They must have a signed parent permission form (to the right and sent via mail). We will not take parent phone calls for early dismissal during exam week.
  4. Students must stay for the entire exam period.
  5. Students who are not testing, but are in the building will go to the cafeteria or library (quiet study space) until their next exam.
  6. Students will not be able to come and go in-between exams. 


Ohio's State Tests