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New Elementary School on the Ballot for May 2021

On January 13, 2021 the Lakewood Local Board of Education unanimously voted 5-0 to approve the final resolution to proceed with the bond issue for the new elementary school. 


The Board of Education decided to return to the voters with the bond issue for a new Pre-K through 5thgrade elementary school. The bond issue is for $31,300,000 at an estimated 2.65 mills. The cost for the owner of a $100,000 home is $92.70 per year. While the board has brought this issue to the community previously, historically low interest rates mean that the cost per homeowner is lower, making it a better value for taxpayers.


The new elementary school will replace Hebron Elementary and Jackson Intermediate schools, providing updated instructional spaces for our youngest Lancers. 


“Our youngest Lakewood students deserve an educational setting that has the spaces and classrooms that reflect current learning styles. Hebron and Jackson unfortunately do not provide the necessary large and small group spaces for instruction as well as the ability to accommodate the increased instructional technology easily,” said Dr. Mark Gleichauf, Lakewood Superintendent. 


The age of the Hebron building, built in 1914, creates many challenges for teachers and students. Jackson Intermediate, which was originally built in 1968 (building A) and 1972 (building B), presents similar challenges with its annex and additional building that houses preschool. 


“Maintaining two different buildings and an annex for Jackson Intermediate is not efficient and creates more expenditures for the District. Having all our Preschool through fifth graders in one complex creates a more efficient and fiscally responsible situation, while allowing our students in those grades to have the modern instructional spaces they deserve,” Gleichauf added.


The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission has recommended replacing, rather than renovating, Jackson Intermediate because the cost to renovate is so high and would not extend the life of the building as long as a new construction. 


Lakewood Local Schools were on the ballot in March 2020 for the same $31.3 million dollars with a 3.80 mil bond issue that would have cost the owner of a $100,000 home $133 per year. 


“This bond issue provides a tremendous value for our taxpayers at only 2.65 mils. Because of the current low interest rates, the Lakewood taxpayer is saving nearly $40 per year in taxes from the previous bond issue attempted,” Gleichauf shared.


The District plans on a campaign that will help Lakewood taxpayers understand the educational benefits of new facilities for our elementary students and the incredible value this bond issue presents for our community.