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Our Mission

Vision, Mission & Values

In early 2023, the Lakewood Local Schools Board of Education convened a diverse group of stakeholders including community members, parents, district staff members, and district administrators to consider and chart the future direction of the District. These discussions resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan, including a vision statement; a mission statement; core values; and five new, over-arching goals with clarifying goal statements.


Strategic Goal Areas

STUDENT EXPERIENCE - Lakewood Local Schools provides a safe, inclusive and engaging environment to support a variety of academic and extra-curricular programs, meeting the needs and interests of all students in reaching their potential.


STAFF EXPERIENCE - Lakewood Local Schools is committed to investing in high quality teachers and staff, providing an environment that supports professional growth, and maintaining a collaborative and positive culture.


FACILITY & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Lakewood Local Schools takes care in the management of our facilities and resources, promoting community investment, prioritizing student safety, and achieving better student outcomes.


CULTURE OF INCLUSION & BELONGING - Lakewood Local Schools fosters an inclusive environment that improves the experience of students, regardless of background, culture, ability or socioeconomics.


COMMUNITY PRIDE & ENGAGEMENT - Lakewood Local Schools creates and fosters a school community whose members are engaged, communicative, supportive, and proud to be Lakewood Lancers.


We believe that if we are accountable to these goals as a district and as a community, we will continue to improve, achievement will increase and decisions about doing what’s best for students will be clear.

The Lakewood staff and community members with expertise or interest in these goal areas will serve on action teams for the new or ongoing strategies aligned directly with each of these goals. As the objectives are implemented, new ones will be discussed, planned and initiated.


Reimagining education, instilling community pride, inspiring future success.


Lakewood... a family-friendly, inclusive community dedicated to empowering every learner through innovation, collaborative problem-solving and Consistent Communication.

Core Values

P - Pride
R - Respectful
I - Integrity
D - Determined
E - Engaged
LLS 2023 Strategic Plan Brochure-Page 1

 To view the brochure in full, click here - LLS2023StrategicPlanBrochure.pdf.