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We are a community of learners inspiring each student to explore, grow, and achieve.

Workforce Readiness

Why Lakewood Students Make Great Employees

The Lakewood High School (LHS) Administration and Staff take great pride in preparing all students for their next step after graduating, whether that be college, a trade school, the military, or the work force. We are deeply committed to designing personalized learning paths for each student to increase engagement, help them set goals, and create a plan for success.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to graduate. Ohio gives students several pathways to qualify for a high school diploma. One of these pathways is earning industry credentials and acquiring skills for workforce readiness. LHS offers career pathways in many different and diverse fields. Through our courses and community partnerships, students have opportunities to earn credentials that they can put to use immediately after graduation. 

The LHS Innovation Center is a hub for unique programming that cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students. The space combines academics with the business, manufacturing and engineering needs of our community, and promotes the integration of curricular areas through collaborative projects and teamwork.

  • Help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain relevant marketplace skills via apprenticeship-style instruction.
  • Support flexible learning - maximize collaboration, promote creativity and innovation, grow authentic research, and integrate technology in a connected and seamless way.
  • Connect education and business in a creative, collaborative environment.
  • Prepare students to fulfill the workforce needs in our community and central Ohio.
  • Provide an environment for students that is dynamic, engaging, inspiring and visionary.
  • Support the career readiness skills necessary for the transition after high school.

LHS students can earn industry-recognized credentials through several types of courses and certifications that prepare them to contribute to the workforce and their communities.


We are fortunate to have numerous community partners willing to help our students learn, grow and prepare for their future. Below are just some examples:

Contact Us

If you work at a business that would be interested in collaborating with us in some way, please let us know! If you have questions about the initiatives, please contact:

LHS Principal Kevin Krier at [email protected]
STEM Coordinator Dee Martindale at [email protected] 
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