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As a parent, you are bound to have questions about Testing. There are a number of tests we complete to measure progress made and mastery of subject matter or skills. As testing dates come closer we will provide information about the specific tests.

Spring Testing Update

Spring Ohio State Tests
Each Spring students take the Ohio State Tests. These tests show us how well students are growing in the knowledge and skills outlined by Ohio's Learning Standards. Our students take tests in Math, English Language Arts and Science.


English Language Arts




4/8 – Part 1

4/9 – Part 2

4/22 – Part 1

4/23– Part 2



4/4 – Part 1

4/5 – Part 2

4/24 – Part 1

4/25 – Part 2



4/2 – Part 1

4/3 – Part 2

4/29 – Part 1

4/30 – Part 2

5/1 – Part 1

5/2 – Part 2

Make-ups (all grades)

4/3 – 4/22 

4/22– 5/10

5/1– 5/10

STAR Testing
We also have our end of year STAR testing window April 8th - April 26th. These tests measure individual student progress throughout the year in Reading and Math.

Winter Testing Update

All students have completed mid-year benchmark assessments in reading and math to measure progress and growth. Our teachers and coaches review the results and work together to ensure daily instruction targets individual and group needs. If you have any questions about your child's progress, please contact his/her teacher to schedule a meeting of phone discussion. You don't have to wait for Parent Teacher Conference dates to have a conversation about your child's learning. Contact us anytime! 
Third grade parents will be glad to know the score reports for last fall's Ohio State Test of English Language Arts arrived from ODE and will be mailed home with a cover letter of explanation ASAP. This is one of three opportunities (fall, spring, summer) for each 3rd grader to satisfy the requirements of The Third Grade Reading Guarantee Law in order to be promoted to 4th grade in reading next year. 
A score of at least 677 satisfies the law's requirement for promotion to 4th grade. If below 677, teachers will continue to target instruction documented in Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans. Students will have another chance to meet the expected score in April this year. For more information on this topic, please click on the link below and scroll down the page to view the "Elementary School" section. http://education.ohio.gov/Parents
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