9370 Lancer Road
Hebron, OH 43025
P: 740-928-1915
F: 740-928-3756
AP District Honor Roll Purple Star

We are a community of learners inspiring each student to explore, grow, and achieve.

Daily Routine

Daily Routine Snapshot

In-person learning: 
Students with last names A-L go to school Monday and Tuesday. Students with last names M-Z will go to school Thursday and Friday.
  • 8:20am - buses and car riders arriving
  • 8:50 am - tardy if arriving after this time
  • 11:00am - 12:45pm - Lunch/Recess block
  • 3:20pm - First buses and pickups called
*1 and 2-hour delay schedules are in our Handbook
At-home learning:
Students with last names A-L (Group A) complete remote learning activities Thursday and Friday. Those with last names M-Z (Group B) complete remote learning activities Monday and Tuesday. All students complete remote learning activities Wednesday.
If your student must be absent, call (740) 928-1915 as early as possible on the day of the absence and provide a note on the day the student returns. If no call or note is received, the absence will be considered unexcused. Acceptable reasons for excused absences are provided in our Handbook.
Students check in at the office anytime they enter school after 8:50am. Habitual tardiness (5 or more times in a grading period) may result in a 60-minute detention.
Parents must sign a student out in the office if they are leaving school early.
Parents may drop children off starting at 8:20. Pull into the south entry past the Intermediate Facility. The drop off zone is the sidewalk bordering the south parking lot. Exit the drive closest to the softball field. The driveway/parking area in front of the building is for busses only from 8:15 – 8:45am each day. If you need to enter the building at this time, park on the south end of the building and enter through the front entrance of the building.
All 3rd graders will be directed up the hill to JIS B. Those NOT getting breakfast will go to homeroom and those getting breakfast will be directed through the uphill gym entry/exit doors and continue to homerooms.
All 4th/5th graders who want breakfast will be directed to the south entrance and through the cafeteria serving line before heading to homerooms.
Parent pick-ups dismiss at 3:20pm. Park in the lot on the south end of the building. Walk to the south sidewalk to escort your student(s) to the car so the bus exit route is not blocked. If your student is not on our daily pick-up list or will be picked up early, please send a note to the homeroom teacher. When you arrive, sign your student out in the office (3rd grade on the hill, 4th & 5th in the main building). Dismissal generally runs until 3:45. 
*COVID-19 Update: If you provide transportation for your child, you must park in a space in the south parking lot. Stay by your car until you see your child exit one of the buildings. Then walk to the sidewalk and escort him/her back to your vehicle safely. Please wear your mask around others and refrain from gathering with other families.
Please connect with teachers and administrators via email, phone or virtual call when possible as we are limiting visitors to our buildings. When you need to visit the building, wear a face covering and follow all posted directional signs to support social distancing. As always, ring the bell at the main entrance and report to the office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.
For full details on our policies and procedures, review the Jackson Intermediate Handbook.
Download or print Jackson's Daily Routine.

Tips for At-home Learning Days

While there is no certain schedule that you and your child must follow while doing at-home learning, here are a few tips that may help:

  • Have your child wake up around the same time. This will start them off on a consistent schedule and make waking up for in-person school days easier!

  • Set up a designated classroom/work area for your child.

  • Take breaks! Students don’t have to sit still for hours on end at school, and shouldn’t have to at home, either!

  • Go outside! Give your child the same chance to get fresh air as they would at recess.

  • End at the same time as an in-person day.

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