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Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular Activities

As your child advances through middle school, they will have opportunities to participate in a number of activities and clubs. These activities provide opportunities for students to use their talents in new ways and learn new skills. To learn more about the extracurricular activities available, connect with the leaders of the groups or connect with Mrs. Fry or Mr. Rodich.


Middle School Athletics officially begin in the 7th grade. At Lakewood we offer cheerleading, track and field, wrestling, boys and girls basketball, football, cross country and volleyball. For information, explore the athletic website or contact Mr. Sponhaltz at rsponhaltz@laca.org. Lancer Athletics Website

Art Club

Do you have a child who is particularly interested in art? The Art Club may be the perfect group for them. Contact Mrs. Swart at pswart@laca.org to learn more.


To learn about the bands offered for middle school students, explore the website and contact Mrs. Domenick at ldomenick@laca.org.  Lakewood Middle School Band


Connected with Mr. Grubb for information about middle school choir at mgrubb@laca.org.


To learn about drama opportunities for middle school students, explore the website and contact Mrs. Fickle at mfickle@laca.org. LMS Drama

Future City

Future City is a team competition where students work together to imagine, research, design and create a city of the future. To learn more explore Future City's website or contact Mrs. Hundley at phundley@laca.org. Future City Website 

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The NJHS recognizes the highest achieving students in grades 6 - 9 and provides a solid foundation for ambitious middle level students as they prepare for their high school and higher education pursuits. To learn more, check out their website or contact Mrs. Hundley at phundley@laca.org. National Junior Honor Society Website


This team is focused on engaging students in learning science, technology, engineering, arts and math. To learn more about this group, connect with Mrs. Hawthorn at lhawthorn@laca.org or Mrs. Hundley at mhundley@laca.org.

Student Council

 Student Council elections are held at the beginning of each school year. If your student is interested in running or if you have a student on Student Council, the following teachers are your best contacts for information: Miss Prince, Mrs. Coffey, Miss Lanning, Mrs. Vayansky and Mrs. Hundley.

Student Benefits

Studies show that there are numerous benefits for kids who participate in extracurricular activities. Some of those benefits include:
  • Time Management Skills - students learn to manage their time and prioritize tasks and commitments
  •  Discover Their Passions - exploring various groups and activities allows students to find areas they are passionate about so they can succeed in those areas and build their confidence
  • Making a Contribution - allows students to make a contribution to their school or community
  •  Building Self Esteem - mastering new skills builds confidence, growing self esteem
  • College Applications - participating in clubs, activities and athletics looks great on college applications 
  • Setting Goals - activities present opportunities for students to set and achieve goals 
  • Team Work - clubs, sports and teams require students to work together toward a common goal - a skill they will need in work and in life 
  • Academics - studies show that there is a correlation between improved grades, behavior and work habits as a result of being involved in activities 
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