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Community Survey Q&A

How is my anonymity guaranteed?  
All responses come directly and electronically to the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA), which is administering the survey on behalf of the district.  No individual responses or identities will ever be seen by district personnel.

How was the mailing list generated? Why did we only get one post card?  
The mailing list came from current district information, which is pulled from the registered voter list for our school district. We sent one card per household to limit cost.  All members of the family or household are encouraged to complete the survey.

How many people can participate in the same household?  
All those living within the household may take the survey.

How many people can take the survey from the same device?
There is no limit to the number of people who can take the survey on a particular device.

Is there a way I can take the survey if I don't have a computer?  
The survey can be completed from a smart phone or tablet using Android or iPhone software.  Additionally, the survey can be accessed through computers at the public library or the media center in any of our school buildings.  Those wishing to access the survey at a school building should check in with the office first, and will be directed to the appropriate location.

How large of a sample size does the district need to consider it a valid sample size?
We hope as many community and staff members as possible complete the survey, in order to give the board of education a valid response.  Most often, community surveys administered by OSBA result in a confidence level of 95% or better.

What day and time does the survey close?  
The survey will be open from Monday, April 30th until Wednesday, May 16th at 12:59PM.

How did you keep those that live outside the district from taking the survey? 
The first question of the survey will help us understand who is taking the survey.  
How long will it take to complete the survey?
On average, we feel the survey can be completed in 15 minutes or less.
How do I access the community survey?
Via your personal device (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.) please go to this link to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/lakewoodlancers

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